Friday, March 28, 2008


Just like God's provision for his children in the wilderness is His provision for us. Last week we had $75 in FedEx charges and a check came in the mail for $75. This week we had $100 in Kinkos charges and $100 came in the mail. Just enough for today. You know that verse we often quote about God knowing our need... That is what i am talking about! We will trust and obey each step of the way. God will provide, and we will celebrate His name!

(I think i know why FedEx/Kinkos merged... very smart investors :)

Our papers will be carried by a man in a brown uniform to the door of our adoption coordinator. After that she does what ever she does and we wait and do not worry. When our kids get to the orphanage (i have heard they are not there yet) they will have smaller stack of papers gathered for them, we will be called, introduced via email and will then know what the Father already knows; their names! That is when we send the $8000 per child in country fees and the stop and go process in Haiti begins. Then, on a day already appointed by the Lord, we will bring the newest little Bergstedt's home to our forever family.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Big Smile and A Big Pile of Papers

Here it is.
Our completed dossier and 8 copies. Now, how do we mail this?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kinko's here we come.

Our papers made it back from Chicago Friday afternoon. That beautiful seal that we paid $25 per document was not there! I was shocked and quite confused. I emailed our adoption rep and asked what's up. She called right way and said to check for a plain old rubber stamp on the notary page. Walla! There it was, a boring old round stamp. $25 each for a plain old stamp. Who cares! It is there and we are ready to complete our Dossier. By morning we will be ready to make 8 copies of every page, collate, clip, and mail our package. Then it is done, all but the money. We will then just wait, pray and send thousands of dollars over the next several months.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Next Step

Thank you for all the re notary work! Our papers are on a FedEx plane on the way to Chicago! They will get a pretty seal and be returned to us ASAP. Then 8 copies of everything and a big FedEx envelope to the agency to be checked and then sent to Haiti. Should have bought stock in FedEx. :)

On the home front, Beth is taking steps and climbing on every thing. Anna is learning letters and excelling in back yard swinging and head stands. The basement is waiting for me to paint the trim and then carpet and more trim.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our papers are on the way back to Helena!

Thank you everyone for re doing your letters! Hope all is well this time. Should know by Thurs or Friday.