Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Stand by for news'

Haiti's Carnival vacation is over and every one should be back to work for a normal month of March (before the big Easter break early in April). So, we will "stand by for news."

"The rest of the story". Paul Harvey, the news commentator and talk-radio pioneer whose staccato style made him one of the nation's most familiar voices, died Saturday in Arizona, according to ABC Radio Networks. He was 90.
I grew up listening to Paul Harvey's Noon News and Comment. Still try to catch it if I am in the car. I think I will miss that familiar voice.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nine months since referral

Today marks 9 months since our referral. We went into this knowing that it would be "longer than the normal gestation period". But today seems significant anyway.

This weekend we celebrated adoption by attending 2 different fund raising chili dinners. They were so fun! (For all of Kristi's friends who want to know: Yes, cinnamon rolls were served with the chili.) One of the fund raisers was for a local lady who is adopting a little girl from Haiti! We were so excited to meet her and introduce ourselves. Her little girl is the same age as Wiguerson and hopes to be home this spring. We are already looking forward to playing together.

I know adoption is not for every one, but supporting adoption is and it was very encouraging to see both places packed with people who love and support adoptive families.

Monday, February 9, 2009

January Update Photos

Don't worry Mom and Dad. We are very happy here.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth

Beth turned two today! She is so fun. We had a great time celebrating last night and again today with her birth family. I LOVE open adoption! After her little party last night, the girls woke up this morning promptly at 6:46 just like every day. We heard Anna inform Beth that today is her birthday again. After a little conversation between sisters it was time to call in the parents to get her "out please". Her breakfast request was for an other cupcake "for my Happy Birthday". How could your deny such a cute little girl such a sweet request when spoken with a soft little whisper right in my ear followed by the most precious smile of the morning. I don't know, but I did. No more cupcakes. She loved every present and had enough hugs for everyone. "Happy, Happy to you" Beth Alexandra. We love you very much!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Year of the Ox

Talk about more kids and more fun, last night was the celebration of Chinese New Year with other families who have adopted from China. There were around 50 children and their families gathered to celebrate and play together. This was Anna's glory hour. She played and loved being with her summer play group friends again. Beth was impressed with all the "Annas" and wanted a turn on the stage for the talent show. We had great food and great fun.