Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner Guests

Tonight the children all came to the table at supper time with big smiles and said, "Hi Gail. We are your friends and we came over for dinner at your house." Two of them were dressed like ballerinas and the other two a little like grown-ups caring a doll and diaper bag. I thought to myself that it would be fun to have dinner with 4 lovely friends and their little daughter so I welcomed them. The older 2 were a young couple, "Kelly and Suzie" with a little girl, not yet 2 years old, named Susan (Anna's real doll).
I am so glad I thought to invite this lovely family to my home. We all had a nice visit and they were such great parents. They were both active in the feeding and care of Susan. They communicated well with each other and seemed to attend well to her quiet requests.
The "lol" moments for me were all provided by the "dad". While sharing his bread and attending to the child, he looked at the "mom" and said, "Oh, her nose is running, she needs a Kleenex." (Just like... well, any dad.) Then when he was finished eating, and the mother was not, he said he would take the little girl. He removed her bib and started to take her out of the highchair, "Oops! It's OK, I caught her before she landed on her head." (At this time I was alone under the table cleaning an applesauce spill from one of the other, carefree guests and did actually lol.) After righting the child and holding her in his arm he exited the room stopping in the doorway to ask over his shoulder, "Where are her diapers?" Mother replied that she did not need them right now, but did need her face washed. Again, LOL.
I am not sure if this role playing was truly as funny as it seemed, or if I just need to get out more, but I was entertained.
So, now you know the latest: Here's What's Happening at our House Tonight. :)