Monday, March 12, 2012

FORGET THE FROCK, Feed an Orphan.

After checking in on Sidney today on Facebook, my plans have changed. I am a mom of three beautiful little girls; sisters that at first look do not look alike at all, and one handsome boy that looks an awful lot like the smallest sister. I often dress the girls alike, especially the youngest two. But for Easter and Christmas they all look like they belong together. You know, matching dresses and a coordinating polo shirt. Not too fancy, just special.

Well, nothing like someone else's conviction that grabs your heart and won't let go! Yep we're in. Our family is taking the challenge. Not only are we in, but we are challenging you to jump in to. That is, if your heart is touched and it won't go away. Maybe it is not for you. That's fine. Maybe it is. Then choose your frock and join in the challenge.