Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Kids - More Fun

Anna and Beth think every one either has or is getting a new baby. They do not care if you are not pregnant because you could just "get more kids for your family." Last week Anna asked the lady at the fabric store if she had any kids at her house. "No, my kids are all grown." Anna just looked at her and said, "Well, when are you going to get some more?" She laughed (sort of). Anna lives with a basic belief that she states simply, "More kids, more fun!"

Although we have not heard that our adoption papers have been signed, we decided to tell the girls about it because EVERYONE knows and asks. Anna was very excited. She knew that her friend and his baby sister lived in the orphanage and when we told her they needed a family she asked repeatedly in rapid fire succession if we could be their family. We told her that we asked "Haiti" and they said yes but it will take a long time to do all the paper work. She then moved right to wanting to know if she could go on the air plane to get them. Sorry, but no. The next issue was where would they sleep and could the babies sleep by each other and me and my friend could sleep by each other so I could look at him at night and check on him. Yes, that would be great. Two weeks later, "Mommy, when can we get some more kids in our family?" Me: "Remember we talked about the 'Haiti kids'?" Anna: "Yea, but you said that will take a long time until I am almost 6. We should get some more kids first, before they come." Maybe she is just social, or maybe it was her first year in the orphanage, but she really believes that more kids are more fun. I hope this great desire for siblings lasts through the teen years.

Oh, we did tell her the kids names. She has been calling them “my friend and his baby” or “the Haiti kids” because we did not want to confuse the issue with different names and were not ready to go public with their new names until we exited IBESR and visited them. (We had Beth in our house for eight days before we knew we were adopting her and the name change was difficult for Anna and Beth still gets called “Baby” by all of us a lot.) Anna knows their Haitian names and uses their new names. She understands because she knows her Chinese name. In case you missed the names in a previous post, they are Emery and Abby. Beth thinks they are at our friend's house. Every time we go there she asks, "Where Abby?" We tell her she is in Haiti and she just says "Oh." I often wonder what goes on in her little head. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babies Babies and 2 More Babies

What a fun week of visiting all the new babies around here. Welcome to the world Jax, Luke, Hope, and yesterday twin girls! Congratulations girl friends!
I am praying for you and your families. Screen your calls, take a nap whenever you can and don't be afraid to serve pancakes or cereal for dinner.
Love you all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit

Register online now for the
Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit V

April 30 and May 1, 2009
at Irving Bible Church
in Dallas, Texas.

Summit V is an opportunity to worship God by learning about how He is caring for orphans around the world through His people... and how YOU can join Him.

Detailed breakout sessions and strategic networking opportunities have been designed to equip the lay person, the church pastor & the orphan care worker with tangible steps they can take to love the orphan in their home, in their church, and through trusted organizations.

Don't miss our keynote speakers including Dr Tony Evans,
Dennis Rainey, Russell Moore and Rob Mitchell.

Hosted by Irving Bible Church: a Christian Alliance for Orphans Member

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mini Vans

Ok all you mini van drivers out there: we need advice, opinions and words of wisdom. We currently own a Subaru Forester. We love our car and also know there is no way around the mini van with four kids all in car seats. We bought our car in May of '05 intending to drive it for 7-10 years. We get good gas millage, free oil changes and love the 4 wheel drive. Our Subaru has 71,000 miles, new breaks and newish tires.
I know nothing about mini vans. Can you drive them 200,000-300,000 miles like the Subaru? With 4 car seats is it important to have bucket seats in the middle, or can you crawl around that short bench? Do vans have 4 wheel drive? Are all vans crated equal or do some rise to the top? Do they come with that little soccer ball decal or do you get that later? What do you think?