Monday, June 23, 2008


It was so good to see pictures of the kids.

This bright yellow shirt made it easy to find our boy in all of the pictures. :)

A huge thank you to the moms who took these pictures!

This wide-mouthed holler makes me think he will be able to hold his own with his big sister.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News From a Traveling Mom

"Your babies are sooo cute!!! Wiguerson is going to be a dancing king. I have video and photos of him bustin' his moves!!! Ronese is a sweet quiet baby but she smiles a lot. Ok we are going to eat but I wanted you to know I have spent time with your kids and they are wonderful!!!"

We were so excited and relieved to get this email! We have been praying for their little hearts to be filled with joy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No New News Yet

There is a group of parents leaving for Haiti on Friday. They are going to visit their kids and sign some paper work. We are anticipating that our turn for this type of trip will be in the fall sometime. Each person that goes to the orphanage takes two 5o pound suitcases filled with formula and other essential food and supplies that are unavailable to our children in Haiti. This is all part of the donation program set up to provide the best possible care for our kids. Other orphanages that do not have this support have to give the kids flour paste to fill their little tummies. I am so grateful for the nutrition our kids are receiving. We are gathering formula for our turn already. This effort is organized and maintained by one of the moms and the link to the site is at the right.

We have not received any updates on our kids yet, but hopefully the visiting families will be able to bring back a little information or maybe a picture or two if the kids are in the main orphanage. When the children first come, they are brought to a transition house to be cared for. They make sure they are not sick and do not have any parasites that could be shared with the other children. Because of the lack of clean drinking water nearly all of the children in Haiti have some type of parasite and skin rashes etc. are also common. With 70 children living together it is important for each child to be healthy.

Keep praying for our kid's transition and for their little hearts to know the Father's love.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Easier Than You Think

While at the zoo today, I met this nice mom and we visited while our kids played on the slide. (I know, we went to see the new Russian Bear and the Tiger, but the slide is still the last stop before going home.) She said having 4 kids is easier than 2 and having them close in age is so helpful because they really like to play together. She assured me that "It will be easier than you think, there is a little more laundry and food, and picking up. But really, it won't be hard." I had to think she must know a little of what she was talking about. Her oldest is eight and her baby is 12 months, the other 5 are somewhere in between. All seven kids were so cute and fun and well behaved. She was dressed, showered, had packed a full picnic with all the food groups and had even remembered a comfy lawn chair for herself. I was impressed! She assured me that five year olds are very helpful (something we do not see a lot of at 4 yrs old.) and are so proud of their siblings. She recommended grocery shopping at night while the kids are in bed for the first several months while we all adjust. "It is peaceful alone time and you do not have to hear all the comments from strangers about 'all those kids'". Good tip, it took hours to get through Costco when Anna was little because everyone wanted to talk to her. So, i guess i will not worry about having 2 two year olds or 4 pair of flip flops to find in the sand box. We will just thank the Lord for His plan and timing and count the days until our family of six is sharing a picnic together.