Monday, June 14, 2010

"So, What Have You Been Up to Lately?"

This is Anna's favorite question. She starts all phone conversations this way and often "meets" new people in the grocery store because of it. It is also the question most of you are asking when you check this sight, so here it goes.

We have been Having BIG FUN all over town. We have been to most of the parks and a few water hot spots. Emery and Anna will start swim lessons next week and Emery has lost his 3rd tooth. The kids have been home almost 11 months now and we are liking our routine. Abby can pump herself on the swings and likes to "swing to the clouds like Anna." Beth loves the playground and usually is in charge of the sand toys. On rainy days we still play outside, we eat soup and popcorn and make fun stuff with Legos, Lincoln logs and building blocks. Beth is the head cook and nanny for the bears and dolls and Abby heads up crayon and marker distribution. Our bike outings now include 2 two wheeled bikes (Abby calls them school wheel bikes) and 2 tricycles (one with a rope to help with the up-hill leg of the trip). Our driveway is often decorated with sidewalk chalk, rocks for bumpy riding and leaves and grass of all kinds to feed the "cows" they are raising on their "farm". They have abundant energy and great imaginations. There is never a dull moment around here, but we do try to enforce a quiet hour in the afternoon and earlyish bed time to help the happy attitudes keep up with the energy levels. And now what you really logged on to see: A great big thank you to Ronnie for the great pictures. Check out his blog.