Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dinner Guests

Tonight the children all came to the table at supper time with big smiles and said, "Hi Gail. We are your friends and we came over for dinner at your house." Two of them were dressed like ballerinas and the other two a little like grown-ups caring a doll and diaper bag. I thought to myself that it would be fun to have dinner with 4 lovely friends and their little daughter so I welcomed them. The older 2 were a young couple, "Kelly and Suzie" with a little girl, not yet 2 years old, named Susan (Anna's real doll).
I am so glad I thought to invite this lovely family to my home. We all had a nice visit and they were such great parents. They were both active in the feeding and care of Susan. They communicated well with each other and seemed to attend well to her quiet requests.
The "lol" moments for me were all provided by the "dad". While sharing his bread and attending to the child, he looked at the "mom" and said, "Oh, her nose is running, she needs a Kleenex." (Just like... well, any dad.) Then when he was finished eating, and the mother was not, he said he would take the little girl. He removed her bib and started to take her out of the highchair, "Oops! It's OK, I caught her before she landed on her head." (At this time I was alone under the table cleaning an applesauce spill from one of the other, carefree guests and did actually lol.) After righting the child and holding her in his arm he exited the room stopping in the doorway to ask over his shoulder, "Where are her diapers?" Mother replied that she did not need them right now, but did need her face washed. Again, LOL.
I am not sure if this role playing was truly as funny as it seemed, or if I just need to get out more, but I was entertained.
So, now you know the latest: Here's What's Happening at our House Tonight. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow, What's Going on Here.

November 18, it was sunny and 60 degrees. A little cooler than it had been, but a very nice day.

November 19, snow.

November 20, more snow!

November 22-24, below zero. Too cold to go out so we had to play inside.

Big fun and for a bonus, clean floors.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Sea Turtles Here

We read about sea turtles tonight. The eggs are left alone in the sand. They hatch alone, make their way to the ocean alone, and then try to survive alone. We are not sea turtles. We were created to be in families. It is in the heart of every one to belong, in some significant way, to someone. Sea turtles, not so much; but people need family. I believe our kids have that great desire to belong to each other. They can not be separated. They call each other brother and sister. They refer to each other as "my brother" or "my sister" when talking to others. I am sure it is this desire to belong that has made these kids; just 15 months ago strangers to each other into a FAMILY. They did not have to befriend each other, but I am so glad they did!! They do of course, have their moments (some times lasting more than just one moment), but they truly love each other and prefer one another over all their peers. We are so blessed.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer revisited

We are having a bonus round of summer and enjoying it to the full. Last week it snowed this week:

Monday, July 19, 2010


One year home seems so significant right now. So many firsts, so many lasts. The kids have grown and changed and so have we. There are no babies in our family now; just little kids hungry to learn. They are always exploring, nearly fearless and genuinely enthusiastic. The country in which we spent seven days one year ago is, like us, not the same. The family in which our children spent their beginning is not the same. We have heard nothing from or about them, but wait with eager anticipation for news.

I am by nature sentimental, traditional, and resistant to change. But I too am not the same. I look to the future as the great adventure my kids seem to embrace. I know that for everything there is a time and a season. Each season will have smooth sailing and bumps in the road. There will be joys and triumphs as well as times when we need more help than we know how to find. We will be encouragers and need encouragement. If there is one thing I have learned in this past year, it is that change is good. We were not designed to stay the same. We were made to grow. Just as our children have become more like us(for better or worse), I must become more like my Father; embracing His values and doing things His way.

So how does a family celebrate? In our family, our only son has a birthday just 4 days after our home coming. This year he turns 5. We only have Birthday parties for 5, not 3, not 4, not 6, not 7. Only 5. So, on a hot evening we gathered in the back yard with a few friend, close family, 50 hot dogs, a huge watermelon and lots of fun. We played, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and ice cream, then called it a night when the rain started. I can't think of a better way to celebrate family than with a birthday party for the newest five year old. It was a blast (at least for the five year old and his mommy).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Proud to Be an American

I still stand for the National Anthem and so do my kids. We treat the flag with respect, honor soldiers, and learn all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. Yet, still i feel a great lack of patriotism. I mean, less than my Grandfather's generation. My Granddad was US Air Force. He flew the planes we see in pictures and museums. He knows first hand the life saving value of a properly packed parachute. He served in war and in peace. He was the "true blue, all American man." He stood 6'2", but i thought he was at least 7' tall as i stood next to him on the street that day, probably 30 years ago, with his hat in his hand and his hand over his heart. Those colors marched by as proud as could be and so was I. My Grandpa helped make all this celebrating possible and I was sure proud of that. Here we are, 30 some years later living in the same country, but some how that "stand tall" feeling is not in the crowd the way it was then. The great grandpas are not here to brag and exaggerate a little with their stories of "the way it was." I want my kids to hear the hush of the crowd when the colors are raised. I want them to never feel comfortable sitting when the National Anthem is played.

I do not really know how this "feeling" of patriotism is passed on. When they are 6,4 and 3 can they understand? I don't know, but I dressed them in Red, White and Blue and told them a few things they may not remember then let them eat ice cream because this very special day is America's Birthday and we are proud to be Americans. They will probability remember the ice cream...

Monday, June 14, 2010

"So, What Have You Been Up to Lately?"

This is Anna's favorite question. She starts all phone conversations this way and often "meets" new people in the grocery store because of it. It is also the question most of you are asking when you check this sight, so here it goes.

We have been Having BIG FUN all over town. We have been to most of the parks and a few water hot spots. Emery and Anna will start swim lessons next week and Emery has lost his 3rd tooth. The kids have been home almost 11 months now and we are liking our routine. Abby can pump herself on the swings and likes to "swing to the clouds like Anna." Beth loves the playground and usually is in charge of the sand toys. On rainy days we still play outside, we eat soup and popcorn and make fun stuff with Legos, Lincoln logs and building blocks. Beth is the head cook and nanny for the bears and dolls and Abby heads up crayon and marker distribution. Our bike outings now include 2 two wheeled bikes (Abby calls them school wheel bikes) and 2 tricycles (one with a rope to help with the up-hill leg of the trip). Our driveway is often decorated with sidewalk chalk, rocks for bumpy riding and leaves and grass of all kinds to feed the "cows" they are raising on their "farm". They have abundant energy and great imaginations. There is never a dull moment around here, but we do try to enforce a quiet hour in the afternoon and earlyish bed time to help the happy attitudes keep up with the energy levels. And now what you really logged on to see: A great big thank you to Ronnie for the great pictures. Check out his blog.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eight Month Home

Eight months is just about the time most babies are finding their independence and mobility; pulling themselves up, crawling all over, attracted to every open stair way. At eight months home our kids are experiencing their own independence and new mobility. Emery is riding a two wheel bike, Abby is proficient enough on her tricycle to ride on our family outings, and they are all able to play in the back yard without and adult. Abby plays at the park and climbs the slide without mommy by her side. Emery climbs the tree and jumps down like a little monkey! Emery can cartwheel and do hand stands better than I ever could and both kids love life to the full. If you are friends with us on Facebook you will know that there is never a dull moment around here. The kids are all thinking and talking faster than I can keep up and they are as bright as the Haitian sun. We have our moments and our issues,but the fits are fewer and the laughter hearty. We are doing way better than we ever expected and know that we are truly blessed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kids get to come home!!!!

Great news for all of my friends and Chances for Children family who are pending their adoption in Haiti: it's official!!!!! Secretary Napolitano Announces Humanitarian Parole Policy for Certain Haitian Orphans

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

There is very little information available right now, but the news from our orphanage is that the building, kids and staff are safe. We will pray for the people in Haiti and look for opportunities to do something tangible.