Monday, February 21, 2011

The Entertainment continues

In an attempt to keep the restless natives calm we are amping up the creativity.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick Days

"Mommy, my legs hurt. Could you give me some medicine?" That was Monday morning. Now, I am sympathetic and all, but I have heard this story many times because they think medicine is a treat. Beth is just honest. She starts with the real request, "Mommy can we have some candy?" Emery is older and wiser. He knows there is no candy before snack time, ever. On this morning, I rubbed his legs, and his back, kissed his head; no fever. "No medicine, but I would be happy to read you a book." Again before lunch I heard about the sore leg muscles. Hmm. After nap repeat of morning wake up, this time a kiss on the head reviled a fever. By 1:00 a.m. it was 104 and time for medicine and a wet wash cloth. By Tues. evening the little girls and I were also feeling very lousy and Daddy was working. I felt so bad that I began searching for the NyQuil that I knew was around here somewhere. I knew I had not felt this bad in years, but when I found the stash of left over cold medicine and read the stamp: expires on 12/04 I realized it had been quite a very long while. Still, I did not feel I was due, or that it was 'about time'. No, I am sure I could have been very grateful for my health and my healthy kids with out all this. It is now Saturday night. Anna has only been feeling bad for 24 hours and still it is mild compared to the hacking, sneezing kids. Emery is feeling quite a lot better but is still "gross" (can a mom say that about her son that she dearly loves?). I feel as though I will live, but would be fooling my self to say I am well; as much as I would like to be. I can say that I have a whole new appreciation for families that always get the bugs and for families dealing with chronic illness. We have not done any of our normal fun stuff this week. We missed the 62 degree days, the big event at the Library, the zoo, several play dates and even gymnastics and Bible Study. The fun of sleeping bags in the living room is wearing off. The novelty of wearing jammies all day is getting old, our library books do not hold the key to great adventure and worlds of fun. I am reconsidering our family decision to not have TV and movies available to the children. And, most of all, I miss people. But look at these faces. Sometimes they don't even know they are miserable. They still put on their princess dresses and tell each other they are beautiful. (until the medicine wears off, then they cry and argue)