Sunday, August 31, 2008

Donation List for November

We just received the list of things we will be helping to gather for our trip to Haiti in November. We are very excited to meet the children and to fill our bags with things that can not be purchased in Haiti.

For those of you who wanted to see the list, I have posted it here, or you can find it at along with a cute picture of one of the children waiting to come home.

November 2008 Trip - Remaining Items

Please email me directly or leave a comment if you wish to purchase any of these items as a donation to the children. The items will be packed in the luggage of the adoptive families and hand delivered to Haiti. We will be taking four 50 pound bags of supplies to the kids when we go.

If you wish to make a cash donation to support the purchase of any of these items, please email and she will provide you with directions on where to send your donation for your tax deductible receipt.

Beef Jerky Large Bags 10
Soy Sauce Bottles 10
Kraft Mac and Cheese Boxes 30
Rice Vinegar Bottles 10
Powdered Milk Boxes 5
Cream of Celery Soup Cans 30
Crackers Boxes 10
Tang Juice Mix Cans 10
Egg Powder Bags 5
BBQ Sauce Jars 10

Formula & Milk
Enfamil Enfacare Small Can 30
Enfamil ProSobee Small Can 15
Enfamil Lactose Free Small Can 15

Pediasure Individual Bottles 60
Pedialyte Large Bottles 10

Cleaning Materials
Baby Wash Large Bottle 5
Selson Blue/Nizoral Shampoo 8
Hand Sanitizer Bottles 10
Q-Tips Boxes 10
Baby Wipes Packages 10
Baby Oil Bottles 10
Industrial Size Garbage Bags 5
Shampoo Bottles 10

Office Supplies
8.5 x 14 paper Reams 2
8.5 x 11 paper Reams 4
HP Laser Jet Cartridge Q2612 HP 12A Toner Individual 5
Glue Stick Individual 5
Liquid Corrector Individual 5

School Supplies
Finger Paints Sets 10
Color Crayons Sets 24
Old Maid Card Game 2
Chutes and Ladders Game 1
Dot to Dot Books 10

Medicine Cabinet
Acetaminophen Infant Drops Large Size 5
Ibuprofen Infants Large Size 5
Ibuprofen Children Large Size 5
Acetaminophen Children Large Size 5
Children's Multivitamins Large Bottles 10
Baby Oragel Tubes 5
Children's Cold Medicine Bottles 10
Children's Liquid Allergy Bottles 10

Special items
Diaper Pins Sets 5
Energy Efficient Box Fans

Individual Fans 2
Outlet Covers for Electrical Outlets 60
New Girls PJs 4T Short Sets 10
New Boys PJs size 2T/3T Short Sets 10
New Boys Short Sleeved Collared Shirts Size 5 and 6 - 10
Aunite House Lip Gloss Individual Gloss 10
Aunite House Condition Bottles 10
Auntie House Maxi Pads Boxes 5

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday of the storm


The rain is still pretty strong, but everyone is well and just waiting the storm out. Things at the creche are stable and the kids are doing fine. It is hopeful that things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurricane Gustave

Hurricane Gustave is in route to Haiti and other surprise destinations in the gulf. In preparation for the storm, the orphanage was stocked with provisions like clean water, food, candles, etc. Though scary, hurricane season is a reality in Haiti, and they’ve been through this once or twice before. Gustav hasn't technically "hit" yet, but they have been experiencing strong winds and heavy rain since yesterday.

Also, the August trip to the creche was canceled due to the hurricane. But not before the parents were already in Florida. I know that there were families on that trip that were going to meet their children for the first time. How frustrating it must be to get so close and be sent home without even a moment with your child. We will be praying for those parents as well.. We know the children are as safe as they can be and the staff is working hard to keep their lives as normal and free of worry as they can.

Also on that flight that was canceled, were the 86 tubs of food from the food box drive. We are excited to have received such a great outpouring of formula and rice etc. Now we will pray for its safe arrival after the storm.

Friday, August 15, 2008

July Updates

This report was prepared on July 27th.

Wiguerson has grown one cm and 6 ounces. They said he loves playing with his friends and he behaves a lot better at school. He follows the teacher attentively and as a result his speech skills are developing well by repeating every single thing like the colors, animals, fruits and vegetables.

Ronese has gained 3 lbs 4 oz. She can stand by herself for 5-10 seconds and
is able to walk with a walker, but does not do it very long. They report, "She is gay, she has good balance of the head and the trunk, but she does not have good balance when she tries to stand up. She presents a handicap in her right leg, her legs are not tied." She is getting therapeutic exercises for her legs with goals for standing alone in 4 weeks and walking alone in 4 months. I have noticed similar things with other children there and one of the parents is a pediatric physical therapist so they have received some training and they have little walkers for the kids to use. Beth and Anna had a push and ride toy instead of a real walker.

We are excited to go visit and check on them ourselves. November seems so far away, but I know it will come faster that we imagine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The slap occurred in the bathroom...

Because there is nothing to report with our adoption and this story reminds me of a low budget movie, I decided to give it one more post. The good news is the drama has not stopped paperwork and files are still exiting Parquet. Here's the Miami Harold's take on the story.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Self control is an international problem.

I have no idea what this will mean for those who's paper work is in Parquet (hopeful it will mean a new and faster person). I just thought the slapping part was funny and wanted to share. So, if you do not follow the Child's Voice blog yourself, you can read the entry here:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Parquet News, Mr. Gassant has been fired by Preval

Hello, I am posting for Vera because she doesn't have an internet connection.

Claudy Gassant (the man in charge of adoptions at Parquet) was fired today by President Preval. Here's what happened: Mr. Gassant had an argument with the Petionville's Chief of Police and ended up slapping the Chief of Police. As you can imagine, slapping the Chief of Police doesn't go over well. As a result President Preval called Mr. Gassant into his office and fired him and the Chief of Police is taking Mr. Gassant to court.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yep, We Have Cute Kids!

Wow! I almost did not recognize our boy without his signature yellow shirt. ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Greetings from Haiti

Some of the parents just returned from Haiti. Here is our info from one of the moms:

Ronese and Wiguerson: They seem to be adjusting so well. Wiguerson likes to dance! He is super cute and seems to be molding in with the kids. He smiles a lot! Ronese is a pretty little girl....I am sorry she didn’t like the camera very well.... Wiguerson loved getting his photo pages and was very proud of them. The Auntie in the photo happens to be my favorite and is in his room. Her name is Nicole. We love her so much that our daughter will have her middle name.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Follow Up on "Nightline" about buying children

Here is the post from "A Child's Voice International" regarding the effect of the Nightline program from a few weeks ago.

Parquet Meeting:
I am not sure if the main reason that Parquet had a meeting with orphanage directors last week was soley because of the Nightline News Report that the reporter did on "buying children" (remember from a few weeks ago?)...but that seems to have been at least one reason as to why Parquet officials (Gassant) had announced that no more adoptions were going to be processed.

However, during this meeting, it was determined that the reporter could not have been able to take a child out of the country, especially to the United States, and that calmed things down a bit.

Realistically, what would have probably happened to the reporter if he had actually obtained the child, he would have most likely been arrested by the police men who were supposedly corrupt. They would have collected any bribe money and then would have arrested the person trying to leave with the child...because that is how it works in Haiti. :-)

Adoptions are going to be continued to be processed throughout the summer.

Also, UNICEF had another meeting with IBESR officals with some orphanage representatives present. As usual, UNICEF was expressing its concerns about women selling their babies to orphanages for adoptions.

(Remember, in December 2007, I had a meeting with UNICEF where the gentleman that I met with said the same thing, told me that he had proof about this happening, but never produced it.)

Well, one of my friends who is an orphanage director asked UNICEF that if they are so sure that is happening and know of where and when it has happened, then why have the UNICEF officials not called the police, reported the incident and have the persons arrested. Wouldn't that make UNICEF an accessory to a crime? Hmmm....

What UNICEF does not seem to understand is that most children adopted in Haiti to international families are not babies. There are so many children in need of families, including babies, that there is no need to pay for a child. But, UNICEF does not seem to understand that. So, the "urban legend" of the child buying continues.

Tour of Haiti

Here is an interesting tour of Haiti with beautiful pictures. Learn more and see the country from home. Then, let us know what you think.