Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Wiguerson!

3 years old!

What fun it will be to celebrate boy birthdays at our house. For this year the card we sent with Anna's sticker decoration and personal signature will have to say it for us, but next year.... !

Happy Birthday little guy! We love you. We will travel in November to sign papers and give as many hugs and pushes on the swings as any two kids could want!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

June Update

We received our first updates this week.

Wiguerson is weighing in at 29 pounds and is 87 cm tall (about 35 inches).

He has good appetite, his sleep is perfect. he is very awake and happy. He has completely adjusted with everybody at the crèche; he takes part very well with any kinds of activities that take place in his room. He starts school this month, he is very happy to be in the preschool room in order to learn and have fun with his schoolmates. He tries to repeat everything and sing the preschool songs as well. He is very active. (hmm this little sentence reminds me of Anna's little report from China.)

He is a very good child and adapts with people easily but sometimes when he plays with his friends he does not want to stop. (Also sounds like Anna. "Mommy, we should have more kids in our family. More kids -- More fun!" Probably explains the "perfect sleep".)

Ronese is now weighing 13 lbs 12 oz. She is 65 cm long (about 25 1/2 inches)!

Her eating is ok, she has good sleep and she is often solemn. She has started to adapt with the children, she plays and smiles with them. She is reserved.

We are so happy with her growth and know that as she begins to feel safe and loved she will continue to grow and adapt. We value so much the food donations that are carried to the children each month. Thank you to every one who gives so our children's nutritional needs can be met.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Something We Can All Do To Help

We have all been wondering what will happen if it becomes unsafe to travel to Haiti. The parent visits with 100 pounds each of food for the children could not travel. The answer is to stalk the pantry with the formula and essentials to carry the kids through. The question is how to get extra when we are already taking what is needed. Here is the answer! A gift of free shipping.

We have been offered the most generous opportunity from the Soles United program. Soles United is the first-of-its-kind recycled footwear donation program. When people give their worn-out crocstm shoes to be recycled, they are turned into new shoes and donated to people in need around the world.

Their next stop…YOU GUESSED IT…Haiti…where they will be delivering 10,000 pairs of shoes that will be distributed throughout Haiti by Melky Jean to YéleHaiti, Wyclef's foundation.

Soles United contacted the airlines and confirmed with C4C that they have room for 2500 pounds of food to be sent to our children at the creche on this trip. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! What a great opportunity!

Anyone can participate. Here's how it works:

1. Follow the link to the Chances for Children Donation Blog

2. Click on the flier to make full size
3. Fill and mail your box before July 18, 2008
4. Email me if you are committed to a box, we are keeping track of our goal of a minimum of 200 boxes

If you have time to help with this project it would make a difference!!!