Monday, April 5, 2010

Eight Month Home

Eight months is just about the time most babies are finding their independence and mobility; pulling themselves up, crawling all over, attracted to every open stair way. At eight months home our kids are experiencing their own independence and new mobility. Emery is riding a two wheel bike, Abby is proficient enough on her tricycle to ride on our family outings, and they are all able to play in the back yard without and adult. Abby plays at the park and climbs the slide without mommy by her side. Emery climbs the tree and jumps down like a little monkey! Emery can cartwheel and do hand stands better than I ever could and both kids love life to the full. If you are friends with us on Facebook you will know that there is never a dull moment around here. The kids are all thinking and talking faster than I can keep up and they are as bright as the Haitian sun. We have our moments and our issues,but the fits are fewer and the laughter hearty. We are doing way better than we ever expected and know that we are truly blessed.