Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Sea Turtles Here

We read about sea turtles tonight. The eggs are left alone in the sand. They hatch alone, make their way to the ocean alone, and then try to survive alone. We are not sea turtles. We were created to be in families. It is in the heart of every one to belong, in some significant way, to someone. Sea turtles, not so much; but people need family. I believe our kids have that great desire to belong to each other. They can not be separated. They call each other brother and sister. They refer to each other as "my brother" or "my sister" when talking to others. I am sure it is this desire to belong that has made these kids; just 15 months ago strangers to each other into a FAMILY. They did not have to befriend each other, but I am so glad they did!! They do of course, have their moments (some times lasting more than just one moment), but they truly love each other and prefer one another over all their peers. We are so blessed.

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Emily Real said...

Beautiful! I just love it...God places the lonely in families. :)